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CAUTION: Outsiders Picks System is for longer term horseplayers

CAUTION: Outsiders Picks System is for longer term horseplayers

As the goal of this blog is to help people learn to cash large exotic wagers at the racetrack, our methodologies require consistent swinging for the fence, which means our system is not suitable for short-term gambling money. Short-term players should continue with things like show bets and strong favourites, however for those that have a roll that can be spread over a minimum of fifteen to twenty days, utilizing some of our Outsiders Picks may be helpful to your returns.

Focusing on Outsiders means that most days our suggestions will not turn a profit, in fact most weeks will also show a negative return, it's just the nature of the beast when you're hunting big game in the world of ponies. Whether you are applying what you learn here and seeking M/L 7/1 to 12/1 opportunities at your local track, or playing along with us, the goal is to cash at least a couple of times per week, make a small profit (eg. $100+) once every week or two, hit a decent sized payout (eg $350++) every month or two, and about one to two times per year, hit a jackpot type (eg $3,000+) wager.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Leafs top line shines in win over Ottawa

Mikhail Grabovski just keeps getting better, and again tonight he and his line mates proved coach Ron Wilson's wisdom in naming them the Buds number one unit.

Grabovski had a beautiful shorthanded goal and two assists, Kulemin potted a goal while MacArthur picked up a goal and an assist. Liles had a power play goal and PEI's Darryl Boyce scored the game winner in the third.

Here's the Box Score:







Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Leafs bring young lineup to Philadelphia

Toronto Maple Leafs lineup for Wednesday, September 21, 2011, at Philadelphia Flyers

Maple Leafs lineup for the game on Wednesday night in Philadelphia vs. the Flyers:


30. Ben Scrivens
50. Jonas Gustavsson


2. Luke Schenn
8. Mike Komisarek
22. Cody Franson
36. Carl Gunnarsson
51. Jake Gardiner
54. Juraj Mikus
55. Korbinian Holzer
59. Keith Aulie


9. Colby Armstrong
11. Philippe Dupuis
28. Colton Orr
32. Joe Colborne
33. Luca Caputi
38. Jay Rosehill
39. Matt Frattin
41. Nikolai Kulemin
42. Tyler Bozak
47. Darryl Boyce
48. Ryan Hamilton
69. Greg McKegg
71. Jerry D’Amigo

Other than Komi, Colby and Kulemin, this is quite a youthful lineup, so in a few hours we'll see whether they bring Monday night's energy or Tuesday evening's mistake-prone play. There are a lot of cuts scheduled for today with probably more by tomorrow, so Friday's lineup should contain at least two-thirds of the gents who will start the season for the Buds.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Golden Gate: Friday's Fade the Fave Pick4

Every Friday we are going to try and find a vulnerable heavy fave and suggest a Pick 4 that includes that horse, but also has many more combinations that do not include the "faded" fave. If you want to create a ticket like this at your local track, see which race has the fave with the lowest Morning Line odds, and select five horses in that race, including the fave. then take 2 horses in each of the other legs for 40 bets in total (5 x 2 x 2 x 2).

Golden Gate 16SEP "Fade the Fave" Pick 4 suggestion

The favourite we are fading is #3 in the 5th race, Storm In Blairsden, primarily because we do not like that 1.16 6-furlong workout, seems a bit sluggish.


Race 5 - 3, 7, 2, 8, 5 (6)*

Race 6 - 7, 10 (6)

Race 7 - 6, 3 (8)

Race 8 - 2, 3 (1)

*Bracketed horses are to be used as replacements for early scratches (late scratches get you the favorite in that leg of the ticket).

5 horses x 2 x 2 x 2 = 40 bets x $1 per = $40 ticket

Good luck everyone, and have an inspiring, relaxing and fun-filled weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

3 BIG changes to Outsider Picks System

Last night we went through our picks and results for September so far and have decided on implementing three changes to our system for generating Outsider Picks and suggested exotic wagers, as follows:

A) We are moving Morning Line 7-1 shots to Outsiders from Contenders. This will result not only in more wins for our outsider Picks, but also more opportunities to key the Outsider. Not too many 10-1 or 12-1 shots are worthy of being your key, however adding 7-1 horses should just about double the "key horse" opportunities. Our overall average payout will drop because of this change, however we will hit the board more often and cash more frequently, so from a cash flow standpoint, the change will help us keep money in the till for those home run swings.

B) We are going to include more USA tracks, and have started today by adding Belmont Park into the Free Selections.

C) In recent weeks we have focused primarily on Pick 4 suggestions, with some Pick 3 and superfect suggestions. Going forward, we intend to emphasize Pick 3 and Triactor wagers at least as much as Pick 4 and Superfecta. Again, this will lower average payout but will allow ourselves and our readers to cash more often.

Let us hope these changes help us to finish September strong, and have a rockin', ultra-profitable October!

15SEP11: FREE PICKS for Woodbine and Belmont

Here are today's Outsider Picks:

Woodbine Racetrack

race 5 - #1 do the math 10-1

race 8 - #3 ring of greatness 10-1

Belmont Park

race 1 - #7 readytodefer 8-1

race 3 - #2 litigation risk, 8-1

race 8 - #2 kippers n eggs, 8-1

race 9 - #8 rennina, 8-1

Each of the Outsider Picks can be bet $2 Win and $2 Place.

Suggested exotic wagers:

Woodbine Race 4 Pick 3

Race 4 - 4, 6, 1 (3)

Race 5 - 7, 9, 2, 1 (3)

Race 6 - 7 (4)

3 horses x 4 x 1 = 12 best x $1 per bet = $12 ticket

Belmont Race 1 Pick 3

Race 1 - 4, 2, 7 (3)

Race 2 - 1, 2, 5 (4)

Race 3 - 1, 2 (4)

3 horses x 3 x 2 = 18 bets x $1 per = $18 ticket

Total flat bets = 6 OP horses x $4 ($2 WP) per = $24

Total exotic wagers = $12 P3 and $18 P3 = $30

Total bets for 15sep = $54

Best of racing luck to all!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Mark In Da Park" Owuya in net for baby Leafs tonight

Swedish Idol rapper Mark In Da Park starts for Maple Leafs rookie team

After a shutout performance in 30 minutes of action on Saturday night, the Toronto Maple Leafs rookie team will give Owuya the reins tonight and plan on letting him start and finish the game. As he is fifth on the depth chart, strong play from Mark will likely result in either the Leafs or the Marlies carrying three goalies to begin the season.

If Jonas Gustavsson does well in pre-season games then it will likely be the Marlies with 3 netminders, whereas if he falters or suffers from any medical issues, then Scrivens or Rynnas will likely stay with the big club, allowing Owuya the opportunity to get some starts in the AHL.

Good luck tonight Mark!

13SEP11: Mohawk Outsider Picks and Pick 4 selections

Here are our Outsider Picks for Mohawk Racetrack, September 13th, 2011:

Race 1 - #4 Justasmalltowngirl, 10-1

Race 7 - #9 Counsellor Cam, 8-1

Race 10 - #5 Dedalos, 12-1

Race 11 - #4 Over and Out, 12-1

OPs can be bet $2 Win and $2 Place, plus include in your exotic wagers.

Here are our suggested Pick 4 wagers for tonight's Mohawk Racetrack harness racing card:

Mohawk Race 4 Pick 4 13SEP11

Race 4 - 4, 6, 5 (8)

Race 5 - 6, 5, 1, 8 (3)

Race 6 - 2, 7, 6 (9)

Race 7 - 9, 3, 10 (2)

3 horses x 4 x 3 x 3 = 108 best x .20 per = $21.60 ticket

Mohawk Race 8 Pick 4 13SEP11

Race 8 - 7, 6, 1, 8, 5 (2)

Race 9 - 5 (4)

Race 10 - 3, 2, 6, 5 (8)

Race 11 - 5, 6, 7, 3, 4 (10)

5 horses x 1 x 4 x 5 = 100 bets x .20 per bet = $20 ticket

Total flat bets for today = $16 (4 horses x $2 WP each)

Total exotic wagers for today = $41.60

Total bets for the day = $57.60

Best of luck to everyone, play some Outsiders and have some fun!!!

FREE PICKS showing profit for September

Though we hit with Outsider Picks Still Chugging yesterday afternoon at The Meadows and Buckshot Austin last night at Mohawk, we missed the Superfecta and Pick 4 wagers because I adjusted my computer program, whereas if I had just left it as is we would have hit them both!!!

Here are our totals wagered and won so far in September, which as this is a new blog, also represent totals since inception. We'll try and update again after month-end, see if we're still in the black.

Date Amount Invested Return Net

01sep / 43.2 / 0 / -43.2

02sep / 24 / 0 / -24

04sep / 48 / 6.4 / -41.6

05sep / 87 / 14.9 / -82.1

06sep / 58 / 41.9 / -16.1

07sep / 55 / 18 / -37

08sep / 60 / 21.3 / -39.7

09sep / 77.6 / 462.32 / $384.72

10sep / 46.8 / 66.55 / $19.75

12sep / 104 / 71.3 / -32.7

TOTAL $603.6 / $670.35 +66.75

We'll post some picks for this evening a in a little while!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mohawk FREE PICKS for Monday, September 12, 2011

Here are our Mohawk Outsider Picks for tonight's card. Each can be bet $2 Win and $2 Place, plus include in your exotic wagers.

Race 3 - #6 Creekside Magic, 12-1

Race 5 - #3 Buckshot Austin, 8-1

Race 6 - #6 Unforgettable Fire, 12-1

Race 10 - #7 Laurent, 8-1

Race 11 - #8 B M O C, 8-1

Suggested exotic tickets for Mohawk Racetrack 12SEP11:

Race 4 Pick 4 Mohawk

Race 4 - 7, 6, 9, 3 (1)

Race 5 - 9, 4, 6, 2, 3 (7)

Race 6 - 7, 6, 2 (5)

Race 7 - 2 (1)

4 horses x 5 x 3 x 1 = 12 best x $1 per = $12 ticket.

Mohawk Race 5 Superfecta

Box 9, 3, 4, 6, 7 (2)

120 bets x .20 per bet = $24 ticket

Total flat bets = $20
Total exotics = $36

Total Mohawk bets for the day = $56

Bracketed horses are only to be used as replacements for early scratches. Late scratches will earn you the post-time favourite for that leg of the wager.

12SEP11 The Meadows: Outsider Pick 3 and Pick 4 selections

Here are our 5 Outsiders Picks for The Meadows Racetrack on September 12th, 2011, Post Time 12.55PM:

Race 1: #2 Extremely Fast, 8-1

Race 3: #2 Kt Tag I'm It, 8-1

Race 4: #4 Voice of Truth, 10-1

Race 10: #5 Still Chuggin, 12-1

Race 12: #8 Broadway Chip, 12-1

Each Outsider Pick can be bet to Win and Place, plus they are to be included in exotic wagers.

Here are suggested exotic tickets for this afternoon's harness racing card at The Meadows:

Race 3 Pick 3 The Meadows 12SEP11 suggestion

Race 3: 2, 1, 6 (3)

Race 4: 4, 6, 7 (1)

Race 5: 5, 1 (2)

3 horses x 3 x 2 = 18 bets x $1 per bet = $18 ticket

Race 9 Pick 4 The Meadows 12SEP11 suggestion:

Race 9: 5, 3, 2, 4 7 (1)

Race 10: 5, 1 (6)

Race 11: 1 (2)

Race 12: 8 (2)

5 horses x 2 x 1 x 1 = 10 bets x $1 per bet = $10 tcket.

Total flat wagers = 5 OP horses x $2 WP = $20

Total exotic wagers = $18 Pick 3 and $10 Pick 4 = $28

Total Outsider Bets for The Meadows, 12SEP11: $48

Saturday, September 10, 2011

10SEP11 Free Horse Racing picks; BIGGEST WINS so far last night

Yesterday's Free Outsider Picks return profit of $388.72!

Mohawk early Pick 4 pays $2,262

Yesterday was a crucial day for the Outsider Picks (OP), for even before we hit that nice Pick 4 in Race 7, we had a revelation regarding the types of suggested tickets we offer our readers.

As my own personal success has been primarily in Pick 4 and Pick 3 wagers, multi-race bets have been my suggested exotics, in addition to the advice to bet each OP $2 Win and Place. A LOT of the Outsider Picks this week finished 2nd or 3rd, triggering large payouts for triactors and superfectas. It dawned on me that we could have all 5 OPs come in 2nd on the same night, and our suggested tickets may still come up blank, as there would be no benefit of this success on multi-race wagers.

In light of all this, from today forward we will also try to include some exactor, triactor and superfecta suggestions in addition to the usual Pick 3 and Pick 4 tips.

And now, time for the good news!!! Last night was our best since launching Pucks N Ponies about 10 days ago. Here are our 5 Outsiders Picks and 2 suggested tickets, together with results:

Outsiders and tickets suggested yesterday 09SEP11

Woodbine Racetrack Thoroughbreds

Race 3 - #1 Sky High lady, 8-1

Race 5 - #1 El Nadal, 12-1

Race 8 - #8, Athena Rose, 8-1

Race 9 - #2, Crown of Glory, 10-1

Suggested ticket: Woodbine Race 6 Pick 4

Race 6 – 1, 7 (5)

Race 7 – 6, 1/1A, 2/2B (7)

Race 8 – 1/1A, 2/2B, 8, 5 (9)

Race 9 – 14, 4, 15, 5, 2, 9 (12)

2 horses x 3 x 4 x 6 = 144 bets x .20 per = $28.80 for ticket.

Mohawk Racetrack harness racing

Race 4 - #8, Rich Society Girl, 10-1

Suggested ticket: Mohawk Race 4 Pick 4:

Race 4 - 1, 8, 5, 7 (2)

Race 5 - 6, 7, 5, 8 (9)

Race 6 - 4, 1, 5 (6)

Race 7 - 5, 3, 7 (1)

4 horses x 4 x 3 x 3 = 144 best x .20 per = $28.80 for ticket.

Flat bets $2 Win/Place on each of 5 Outsider Picks = $20

Exotic wagers 2 x 28.80 as above = $57.60

Total bets for the day: $77.60

Here are the above wagers that hit the board:


1 Sky High Lady Placed $9.80 $6.10

Our share: 9.80

1 El Nadal Show $18.80

Our share: 0.00 (we bet WP)

8 Athena Rose Show $3.90

Our share: 0.00 (we bet WP)

2 - Crown of Glory, Scratched

Our share: Refund of $4


Suggested ticket: Mohawk Race 4 Pick 4:

Race 4 - 1, 8, 5, 7 (2) Winner = 7

Race 5 - 6, 7, 5, 8 (9) Winner = 6

Race 6 - 4, 1, 5 (6) Winner = 1

Race 7 - 5, 3, 7 (1) Winner = 7

4 horses x 4 x 3 x 3 = 144 best x .20 per = $28.80 for ticket.

Payout was $2,262.60, and for our 20% of that, we received $452.52; hope you were playing along!!!!

Total return from $20 of flat bets = $13.80

Total return from $57.60 Pick 4 bets = $452.52

Total return from $77.60 wagered on the day = $466.32

Profit for 09SEP11 = $388.72

Alrighty, if you have read this far, then you deserve a peek at today's Outsider Picks, but first let me add a word of caution. When we began publishing these free picks for horse race wagering, I was expecting some serious droughts before hitting a profitable spell. Even though this past week has been mildly rewarding, anybody playing along should be aware that there may be stretches of ten days or more when no Outsider Picks hit the board, and no suggested tickets cash. The goal of this blog is to help people cash bigger tickets at the racetrack, and to do it successfully and regularly you really do have to stick with a system that wins over the longer term.

The best advice I can give handicappers is to take what you learn from this blog and apply it to your local racetrack, where you know the talent and the horses. Most bettors will not include 8-1, 10-1 and 12-1 horses on their Pick 3 and Pick 4 tickets, so this gives you a big advantage. Go through your local card with the goal of identifying the 2 or 3 best-positioned Outsiders (horses with M/L of 8/1 to 12/1), and include these in boxes and multi-race wagers. You'll get skunked some days, pay off all your bills on others.

Outsider Picks for September 10th, 2011

Mohawk Racetrack

Race 4 - #4 Hyperion Hanover, 8-1

Race 7 - #5, Easy Livin Smiley, 12-1

Race 10 - #2 Rockabillie, 8-1

Each can bet bet $2 WP, total $12

Suggest Mohawk Racetrack exotic wagers:

Race 6 SF Key 8 with 6, 5, 4, 7 (10) .20 per bet = $4.80

Race 7 TRI 5, 6 / 5, 6 / 1, 3, 2, 7 (8) $1 per bet = $8 CXL as 6 Scratched

UPDATED, as #6 Scratched, NOW: TRI K 5 w 1, 3, 2 (7) = $6 Bet

Race 8 SF Box 5423 .20 per bet = $4.80

Mohawk Race 9 Pick 4 suggestion:

Race 9 - 5, 1, 4 (3)

Race 10 - 6, 4, 5, 2 (3)

Race 11 - 2, 4, 3, 5 (1)

Race 12 - 1, 3 (9)

3 horses x 4 x 4 x 2 = 96 bets x .20 per = $19.20 ticket

Mohawk suggested flat bets for 10sep = $12

Mohawk suggested exotics: 4.80 + $6 + $4.80 + $19.20 = $34.80

Total suggested bets for September 10th, Mohawk Racetrack = $46.80

Tonight's Mohawk card features the Simcoe Stakes plus eliminations for the Canadian Trotting Classic and the Champlain Stakes, so if you can make it out to Mohawk or catch some races on TV or online, you will see some truly beautiful, majestic animals performing.

Play within your means, bet smart, and have some fun!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Outsiders Free Picks: Woodbine, Mohawk Pick 4 selections

Outsiders Picks for September 9th, 2011

Last night was interesting, for though we got skunked (0/3) at Monticello, both of our Mohawk selections could have been rewarding for readers. Our 9th race Outsiders Pick, Rylie Seelster, was scratched, meaning that anybody who picked him on a Pick 3 or Pick 4 ticket would have been given the winning fave, Tale To Tell, though the P3 / P4 payouts involved were not significant.

Our 11th race pick Joltimatum got up for 3rd and paid $3.00 to Show, but that's not the story. Longshot So Cute Hanover finished 2nd, resulting in a triactor payout of $727.80 and a whopping superfecta of $24,037.75!!!

We also hit a double payout (due to scratch of Rylie Seelster) on our Race 9 Pick 3 selections, but even doubling the payout of 10.65 only returns $21.30 on our $32 investment; at least we're cashing every day this week!

Regarding our Outsiders To Watch picks, our only Woodbine selection, Sweet May West in the 1st, ended up 2nd, paying $5.60 / 3.20.

Here are our 5 Outsiders picks for 09SEP11:

Woodbine Racetrack Thoroughbreds

Race 3 - #1 Sky High lady, 8-1

Race 5 - #1 El Nadal, 12-1

Race 8 - #8, Athena Rose, 8-1

Race 9 - #2, Crown of Glory, 10-1

Suggested ticket: Woodbine Race 6 Pick 4

Race 6 – 1, 7 (5)

Race 7 – 6, 1/1A, 2/2B (7)

Race 8 – 1/1A, 2/2B, 8, 5 (9)

Race 9 – 14, 4, 15, 5, 2, 9 (12)

2 horses x 3 x 4 x 6 = 144 bets x .20 per = $28.80 for ticket.

Mohawk Racetrack harness racing

Race 4 - #8, Rich Society Girl, 10-1

Suggested ticket: Mohawk Race 4 Pick 4:

Race 4 - 1, 8, 5, 7 (2)

Race 5 - 6, 7, 5, 8 (9)

Race 6 - 4, 1, 5 (6)

Race 7 - 5, 3, 7 (1)

4 horses x 4 x 3 x 3 = 144 best x .20 per = $28.80 for ticket.

Flat bets $2 Win/Place on each of 5 Outsider Picks = $20

Exotic wagers 2 x 28.80 as above = $57.60

Total bets for the day: $77.60

Additional Outsiders To Watch (horses to consider including in exotic wagers):

Race 5 – #5 Thrillionaire, 8-1 AND #8, Ardor Locke, 10-1

Race 8 - #5 Jojo Bingbing, 10-1

Race 12 - #2, On The Cusp, 10-1

Everybody have a great weekend, and best of racing luck to all!

Joe T

Thursday, September 8, 2011

FREE PICKS: Chester, Monticello, Woodbine, Mohawk

Yesterday we had 2 of 5 Outsider Picks horses finish second (Red Rocket Chip, Trottown King), however neither the Place payouts or the exotics were all that great so let's move on. It was the 3rd day in a row we had Putsider Picks on the board, so that's a lil streak we have going (ok, i prolly just jinxed it).

Here are today's 5 Outsider Picks (OP's can be bet $2 Win / Place and included in exotics):


Race 4

#4 - Double A Sierra, 8-1

Race 10

#5 - Mister Lucky Vec, 10-1

Race 12

#3 - Bonair, 8-1


Race 9

#4 - Rylee Seelster, 10-1
("Trottin' Trevor Ritchie" in the bike!)

Race 11

#9 - Joltimatum, 8-1

Here are Outsiders to Watch (OTW) horses (include in exotic wagers):

Harrah's Chester:

Race 5

#8 - Ringside Muscle, 10-1

Race 7

#1, Charlie Beans, 15-1

Race 13

#5 - Perec, 12-1

Woodbine Racetrack:

Race 1

#4 - Sweet May West, 8-1

Mohawk Racetrack:

Race 6 - #9 Liquid Assets - Tetrick, Tim A 20-1

Race 7 - #1 Intrigued Alilabet - Kerwood, Anthony P 15-1

Two suggested exotic wagers:

Monticello Race 10 Pick 3

Race 10 - 2, 4, 5, 1 (7)

Race 11 - 1, 3 (2)

Race 12 - 3 (7)

4 horses x 2 x 1 = 8 bets x $1 per = $8

Mohawk Race 9 Pick 3

Race 9 - 8, 3, 5, 4 (6)

Race 10 - 6, 7 (2)

Race 11 - 2, 7, 8, 9 (5)

4 horses x 2 x 4 = 32 bets x $1 per = $32

Total flat best for today = $20 (5 OPs x $2 WP per)
Total exotic wagers today = $8 + $32 = $40

Total wagers for today = $60

Here's wishing health, wealth and happiness to all!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Outsiders Picks for September 7th, 2011: Harrah's, Flamboro, Woodbine

TWO Big Winners at Mohawk racetrack yesterday!

After having 3 of 5 Outsiders Picks hit the board on Monday night, I wouldn't have been surprised at all to get skunked Tuesday evening, however, instead of that dire outcome, we had 2 of 5 winners, with healthy payouts!!!

Our Mohawk Outsiders Picks for TUE 07SEP11 resulted in the following two wins:

Outsider Picks win big at Mohawk 06SEP

Race 4

6 Meadowview Arny $15.30 $7.80 $5.50

Race 8

6 Dry Gulch $12.70 $6.10 $4.60

In addition, Meadowview Arny topped a $2,907+ Triactor and capped a $1,668 Pick 3!!!

Even though we kicked off both Pick 4s in style yesterday, we didn't manage to hang onto either. There was a flaw in the computer program I've been using, in that it incorrectly calculates the significance of the Xtreme races from Georgian Downs. For some reason the program is giving these horses too much credit for those races, likely because of the inflated purses, so we'll be adjusting to compensate going forward.

TODAY's Outsider Picks - 07SEP11

Harrah's Chester Post 12.40PM

Harrah's Race 2

#2 Red Rocket Chip, 8-1

Harrah's Race 4

#3 Baximum 12-1

Harrah's Race 9

#8 Markz Moose 10-1

Harrah's Race 12

#3 Trottown King

Flamboro Downs Post 1PM

Flamboro Race 8

#6 Warrawee Lil, 12-1

Each of the five Outsider Picks above can be bet $2 to Win and Place, plus included in your exotic wager combinations.

Here are some additional Outsiders To Watch (OTW), and these are for inclusion in your exotic wagers:

Woodbine Outsiders To Watch - 07SEP

Race 1

#6 - Kleinridge, 8-1

Race 2

# 4 Robado, 12-1

Race 3

#4 - Lion's Ghost, 8-1

Race 6

#4 - Bankura, 12-1

Suggested exotic wagers for Wednesday, September 7th, 2011:

Harrah's Chester Race 1 Daily Double

Race 1

7, 3, 2, 8, 4 (5)

Race 2

2, 3, 6 (4)

5 horses x 3 = 15 bets x $1 per = $15

Flamboro Downs late Pick 4 - 07SEP11

Race 8

6, 7, (8)

Race 9

1, 6 (4)

Race 10

9, 2, 6, 10, 5 (8)

Race 11

7, 2, 5, 9, 4 (1)

Summary of Outsider Picks for 07SEP11:

Flat bets at Harrah's and Flamboro: $20 (5 horses x $2 Win / Place per)
Exotic wagers at Harrah's (Race 1 DD) and Flamboro (Race 8 Pick 4): $35

Total wagers for the day: $55

Best of racing luck to everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mohawk Outsiders Picks for Tuesday, 06SEP11

When you are backing Outsiders, you can't really expect a better day than yesterday, although you do get one occasionally. Of our 5 Outsiders Picks for Mohawk Monday eve, 3 hit the board, contributing to some healthy exotic wager payouts.

In yesterday's first race, Musclemad had the lead to the half, then faded to sixth. In the fourth, Jamieson took Elm Grove Elvis to the lead at the 1/4 pole, then got shuffled back for the remainder of the race. Our other three Outsider Picks all hit the board!

Still in the fourth race, Royal Escape broke stride at the half and was in 9th spot, over eleven lengths back.Somehow Billy Davis Jr and Royal Escape got it together, regaining stride and barnstorming home i9n 27.3 to take 3rd place. Watch for Royal Escape next time out, where he's likely to be closer to the action and his powerful late kick will pay bigger dividends. Royal Escape played $7.80 to Show.

In the sixth race, Joachim faced the sharp and ready Rock Solid but still managed to get up for third, paying $5.20. Keep an eye on who he faces next week, as it could be his time.

Our best pick came during the 8th race, when Outsiders Pick Northern Illusion got up for 2nd place, paying $14.90 to Place and $8.20 to Show. Best of all, the Exactor paid $364, the Triactor was worth $3, 113 and the Superfecta paid a whopping $6, 907!

Last night was a perfect illustration of the principle that Outsiders do not have to win to help you make money, for they can provide some decent returns even when they finish 2nd or 3rd (or even 4th in a Superfecta).

Okay, here are the picks for tonight (bracketed horses are suggested replacements for early scratches):

Outsiders Free Picks for Tuesday September 6th, 2011

Suggested wagers: $2 Win, $2 Place on each Outsider Pick

Race 1

Alexis Lil Man

Race 4

Meadowview Arny

Race 6

Blazing Sakra

Race 8

Dry Gulch

Race 11

King Trut

Total flat bets: $4 ($2 each Win / Place) per horse x 5 horses = $20

Outsiders Daily Double and Pick 4 Suggestions for Mohawk Sep 6, 2011

Mohawk Race 1 Daily Double 06SEP11

Race 1: 1, 2, 8, 4, 6 (7)

Race 2: 5 (6)

5 horses x 1 horses x $2 per bet = $10 ticket

Mohawk Race 4 Pick 4

Race 4

1, 6, 9, 5 (3)

Race 5

10, 2, 6, 7, 9 (3)

Race 6

2 (9)

Race 7

2, 3, (4)

4 horses x 5 x 1 x 2 = 40 bets x .20 per = $8 ticket

Mohawk Race 8 Pick 4

Race 8

7, 9, 6, 8, 3 (1, 5)

Race 9

5, 4, 3, 6 (2)

Race 10

2 (7)

Race 11

1, 6, 5, 3, 9 (2,8)

5 horses x 4 x 1 x 5 = 100 bets x .20 per = $20 ticket

Total DD and P4 wagers = $38

Total flat bets = $20

Total for card = $58

Good luck to everyone!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mohawk Outsiders FREE PICKS for Monday, September 5th, 2011

Outsiders are horses rated between 8 to and 12 to 1 on the Morning Line, while Outsider Picks are Ootsiders expected to out perform.

Mohawk Racetrack 05SEP11 Outsider Picks

Suggested wager: $2 Win, $2 Place

Race 1


Race 4

Elm Grove Elvis
Royal Escape

Race 6


Race 8

Northern Illusion

Outsiders Pick4 Suggestions for Mohawk Sep 5, 2011

Mohawk Race 4 Pick 4 Ticket A

Race 4

4 (6)

Race 5

2, 1, 9 (8)

Race 6

4, 1, 2, 7 (5)

Race 7

7, 4, 6, 8, 2 (5)

1 horse x 3 x 4 x 5 = 60 bets x .20 per = $12 ticket

Race 4 Pick 4 Ticket B

Race 4

6 (4)

Race 5

2, 1, 9 (8)

Race 6

4, (1)

Race 7

7, 4, 6, 8, 2 (5)

1 horse x 3 x 1 x 5 - 15 best x .20 per = $3 ticket

Mohawk Race 8 Pick 4 suggestion

Race 8

1, 7, 8, 5, 9, 3, 2, 10 (6)

Race 9

5, 4, 6, 3, 1 (2)

Race 10

1, 2 (8)

Race 11

9 (7)

8 horses x 5 x 2 x 1 = 80 bets x .20 per = $16

Total Pick 4 tickets: $12, + $3, + $16, = $31

Outsider Picks: $2 Win / Place x 5 = $20

Total for card: $51

Good luck!!!

Woodbine 05SEP11: Outsiders Pick 4 free picks

The Outsiders System involves including horses ranked from 8/1 to 12/1 in your exotic wagers. Here is my Pick 4 suggested ticket for today, with horses in brackets representing options in case of early scratches.

Woodbine 05SEP Race 4 Pick 4

Race 4

4, 7, 2 (3, 5)

Race 5

5, 4, 9, 3, 6 (1, 11)

Race 6

12, 7, 13 (8, 10)

Race 7

1, 9, 6, 8 (2, 5)

3 horses x 5 x 3 x 4 = 180 bets x .20 per = $36 ticket

Best of luck to all!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Outsider Picks for 04SEP; Woodbine and Saratoga

Outsiders are horses rated 8/1 to 12/1 in the Morning Line. Outsider Picks are horses rated in that range that we believe have a better than expected chance to win this race.


Race 3

6. Marianna

7. Rainbow Annie

Race 5

11. Little Red Chris

Race 7

5. Attitude Included

Race 8

5. Hippolytus

Woodbine Pick 3 suggestion:

Race 3: 3, 1, 6, 7 (5)*

Race 4: 4, 6 (3)

Race 5: 9 (13)

4 horses x 2 x 1 = $8


Race 5

6. Willy Pay

Race 7

3. Centrique

Race 9

9. Moonhanger

Saratoga suggested Pick 3:

Race 5: 6, 7, (2)

Race 6: 16, 6, 10, 4 (11)

Race 7: 3 (4)

2 horses x 4 x 1 = $8 ticket

* Bracketed horses are replacements for early scratches; late scratches get you the favorite in that leg.

Outsider Picks for September 4th, 2011: Two $8 Pick 3 tickets, as suggested above, total expenditure = $16.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Wade Belak the latest of 6 ex-Leafs who died young

Barilko, Sawchuk, Horton, Spencer, Kordic, Belak all played for Maple Leafs

This week's reports regarding the passing of Wade Belak not only shocked because he was the third NHL enforcer to die this offseason, but also because he was the fifth former Toronto Maple Laefs player to die relatively young.

I don't believe Wade Belak had the kind of problems that plagued Terry Sawchuk, Brian "Spinner" Spencer and John Kordic, which made his passing seem all the more sudden and premature.

Bill Barilko, Toronto Maple Leafs

William "Bashin' Bill" Barilko (March 25, 1927 – c. August 26, 1951) was a Canadian ice hockey player who played his entire National Hockey League career for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Barilko was of Ukrainian descent and had a brother, Alex, and sister, Anne.

In February 1947, Bill Barilko was called up to the Toronto Maple Leafs from the PCHL's Hollywood Wolves and played for Leafs until his death. He was assigned sweater #21 when he debuted for the Leafs. He changed to #19 for the 1948-49 and 1949-50 seasons. The #5 (which was retired by the Leafs) was only worn by Barilko for one season, 1950-51. During that span of five seasons, Barilko and the Toronto Maple Leafs were Stanley Cup champions on four occasions 1947, 1948, 1949, 1951. The last goal he ever scored (in overtime against the Montreal Canadiens' Gerry McNeil in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup final, on April 21, 1951) won the Leafs the Cup.

Disappearance and death

Four months later, on August 26, 1951, Barilko joined his dentist Henry Hudson on a flight aboard Hudson's Fairchild 24 floatplane to Seal River, Quebec, for a weekend fishing trip. On the return trip, the single-engine plane disappeared and its passengers remained missing. Eleven years later, on June 7, 1962, helicopter pilot Ron Boyd discovered the wreckage of the plane about 100 kilometres (60 miles) north of Cochrane, Ontario, about 35 miles off course. The cause of the crash was deemed to have been a combination of pilot inexperience, poor weather and overloaded cargo. Notably, the Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup that year, after not winning it at all during the eleven years that he was missing.

Fifty Missions Cap - The Tragically Hip honour Bill Barilko

The Tragically Hip's song "Fifty Mission Cap", from their 1992 album Fully Completely, features Barilko's story and the lack of another Leafs championship "until 1962, the year he was discovered."

Fifty-Mission Cap Lyrics
By The Tragically Hip

Bill Barilko disappeared that summer,
he was on a fishing trip

The last goal he ever scored
won the Leafs the cup

They didn't win another until 1962,
the year he was discovered

I stole this from a hockey card,
I kept tucked up under
my fifty mission cap,
I worked it in
I worked it in
to look like that
It's my fifty mission cap
his fifty mission cap
I worked it in
I worked it in
I worked it in
to look like that
and I worked it in
to look like that

Bill Barilko disappeared that summer,
he was on a fishing trip

The last goal he ever scored
won the Leafs the cup

They didn't win another until 1962,
the year he was discovered

my fifty mission cap,
I worked it in
I worked it in
to look like that
It's my fifty mission cap
his fifty mission cap
I worked it in
I worked it in
I worked it in
to look like that
and I worked it in
to look like that

It's my fifty mission cap
It's my fifty mission cap
It's my fifty mission cap
It's my fifty mission cap

Terry Sawchuk, legendary NHL goaltender

Terrance Gordon Sawchuk (December 28, 1929 – May 31, 1970) was a Ukrainian-Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender who played 21 seasons in the National Hockey League for the Detroit Red Wings, Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers.

Sawchuk was born and raised in East Kildonan, a working-class, Ukrainian section of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He was the third of four sons and one adopted daughter of Louis Sawchuk, a tinsmith who had emigrated to Canada as a boy from Galicia, Austria–Hungary (now Ukraine), and his wife, Anne Maslak Sawchuk, a homemaker. The second son died young from scarlet fever and the oldest, an aspiring hockey goaltender whom Terry idolized, died suddenly of a heart attack at age seventeen. At age twelve, Sawchuk injured his right elbow playing football and, not wanting to be punished by his parents, hid the injury, preventing the dislocation from properly healing. Thus, the arm was left with limited mobility and several inches shorter than the left, and bothered him for his entire athletic career. After inheriting his older brother's goalie equipment, Sawchuk began playing ice hockey in a local league and worked for a sheet-metal company installing vents over bakery ovens. His goaltending talent was so evident that at age fourteen a local scout for the Detroit Red Wings had him work out with the team, who later signed him to an amateur contract and sent him to play for their junior team in Galt, Ontario, in 1946, where he also finished the eleventh grade but most likely did not graduate from high school.

The Red Wings signed him to a professional contract in 1947, and he quickly progressed through their developmental system, winning honors as the Rookie of the Year in both the U.S. and American Hockey Leagues. Sawchuk also filled in for seven games when the Detroit goalie Harry Lumley was injured in January 1950. Sawchuk showed such promise that the Red Wings traded Lumley to the Chicago Black Hawks, though he had just led the team to the 1949–1950 Stanley Cup. Nicknamed "Ukey" or "The Uke" by his teammates because of his Ukrainian ancestry, Sawchuk led the Red Wings to three Stanley Cups in five years, winning the Calder Trophy as the top rookie (the first to win such honors in all three professional hockey leagues) and three Vezina Trophies for the fewest goals allowed (he missed out the other two years by one goal). He was selected as an All-Star five times in his first five years in the NHL, had fifty-six shutouts, and his goals-against average (GAA) remained under 2.00. In the 1951–1952 playoffs, the Red Wings swept both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens, with Sawchuk surrendering just five goals in eight games (for a 0.67 GAA), with four shutouts.

The Red Wings traded Sawchuk to the Boston Bruins in June 1955 because they had a capable younger goaltender in the minor leagues (Glenn Hall), which devastated the self-critical goalie. During his second season with Boston, Sawchuk was diagnosed with mononucleosis, but returned to the team after only two weeks. Physically weak, playing poorly, and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, he announced his retirement in early 1957 and was labeled a "quitter" by team executives and several newspapers. Detroit reacquired Sawchuk by trading a young forward named Johnny Bucyk to Boston. After seven seasons, when they had another promising young goalie (Roger Crozier) ready for promotion from the minor leagues, Detroit left Sawchuk unprotected in the intraleague waiver draft, and he was quickly claimed by the Toronto Maple Leafs. With Sawchuk sharing goaltending duties with the forty-year-old Johnny Bower, the veteran duo won the 1964–1965 Vezina Trophy and led Toronto to the 1966–1967 Stanley Cup. Left unprotected in the June 1967 expansion draft, Sawchuk was the first player selected, taken by the Los Angeles Kings where he played one season before being traded back to Detroit. Sawchuk spent his final season with the New York Rangers, where he played sparingly.

On February 1, 1970, in only his fourth start of the season, he recorded his 103rd and final shutout of his career by blanking the Pittsburgh Penguins. Sawchuk appeared in his last NHL game on April 14 when Rangers coach Emile Francis replaced goalie Ed Giacomin in an effort to slow down the playoff game against the Boston Bruins. He was in the net for less than a minute before Giacomin returned.

Sawchuk married Patricia Ann Bowman Morey on 6 August 1953 after a brief courtship. They had seven children, and the family suffered for many years from Sawchuk's increasing alcoholism, philandering (a Toronto girlfriend became pregnant by him in 1967), verbal and physical abuse. Morey threatened to divorce him numerous times, and finally did so in 1969.

Sawchuk struggled with untreated depression, a condition that often affected his conduct. After the 1969–1970 season ended, Sawchuk and Rangers teammate Ron Stewart, both of whom had been drinking, argued over expenses for the house they rented together on Long Island, New York. Sawchuk suffered severe internal injuries during the scuffle from falling on top of Stewart's bent knee. At Long Beach Memorial Hospital, Sawchuk's gallbladder was removed and he had a second operation on his damaged and bleeding liver. The press described the incident as "horseplay," and Sawchuk told the police that he accepted full responsibility for the events. At New York Hospital in Manhattan, another operation was performed on Sawchuk's bleeding liver. He never recovered and died shortly thereafter from a pulmonary embolism on May 31, 1970 at the age of forty. The last reporter to speak to him, a little over a week before his death, was Shirley Fischler (wife of Stan Fischler), who went to see him in the hospital as a visitor, not identifying herself as a reporter. Sawchuk told her the incident with Ron Stewart "was just a fluke, a complete fluke accident."

Fischler described him as "so pale and thin that the scars had almost disappeared from his face." A Nassau County grand jury exonerated Stewart and ruled that Sawchuk's death was accidental. Sawchuk was buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Pontiac, Michigan.

During his career, Sawchuk won 501 games (447 regular season and 54 playoff), while recording 115 shutouts, (103 in the regular season and 12 in the playoffs).Sawchuk set the standard for measuring goaltenders, and was publicly hailed as the "best goalie ever" by a rival general manager in 1952, during only his second season.

Sawchuk finished his hockey career with 447 wins, a record that stood for thirty years, and his career record of 103 shutouts remained unsurpassed among NHL goaltenders, until Martin Brodeur bested that mark on December 21, 2009. In 1971, Sawchuk was posthumously elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame and awarded the Lester Patrick Trophy for his contribution to hockey in the United States. The Red Wings retired his number 1 in 1994. In 1997, the book Shutout: The Legend of Terry Sawchuk by sports author Brian Kendall, was published. Also, the book Sawchuk: The troubles and triumphs of the World's Greatest Goalie was published in 1998 by David Dupis, with participation by the Sawchuk family. In 2001, he was honored with his image on a Canadian postage stamp, even though he had become a U.S. citizen in 1959. In 2008, Night Work: The Sawchuk Poems, a book of poetry about Sawchuk by Randall Maggs, was published. The Terry Sawchuk Arena in his hometown of Winnipeg is named in his honour.

Tim Horton, legendary Leafs defenceman

Myles Gilbert "Tim" Horton (January 12, 1930 – February 21, 1974) was a Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman. He played in 24 seasons in the National Hockey League for the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Buffalo Sabres. He was also a businessman and a co-founder of Tim Hortons. He died in an automobile crash in St. Catharines, Ontario, in 1974 at the age of 44.

Tim Horton was born in Cochrane, Ontario, at Lady Minto Hospital. His parents were Aaron Oakley Horton (a Canadian National Railway mechanic) and Ethel Horton. Tim had one brother, Gerry Horton. His father was of English descent, and his mother of Irish. The Hortons moved to Duparquet, Quebec, in 1935, but returned to Cochrane in 1938. In 1945, Tim and his family moved to Sudbury, Ontario.

Tim Horton grew up playing ice hockey in Cochrane, Ontario, and later in the mining country near Sudbury, Ontario. The Toronto Maple Leafs organization signed him, and in 1948 he moved to Toronto to play junior hockey and attended St. Michael's College School. Two years later, he turned pro with the Leafs' farm team, the Pittsburgh Hornets of the American Hockey League, and most of his first three seasons were spent with Pittsburgh. He played in his first NHL game on March 26, 1950. He started to play regularly for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the fall of 1952. He remained a Leaf until 1970, winning four Stanley Cups. Horton later played for the New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabres.

Horton was known for his tremendous strength and calmness under pressure, and had relatively few penalty minutes for an enforcer-type defenceman. Horton was a hard-working and durable defenceman who was also an effective puck carrier – in 1964–65 he played right wing for the Leafs. He was named an NHL First Team All-Star three times (1964, 1968, and 1969). He was selected to the NHL Second Team three more times (1954, 1963, 1967). He appeared in seven National Hockey League All-Star Games.

Between February 11, 1961, and February 4, 1968, Horton appeared in 486 consecutive regular-season games; this remains the Leafs club record for consecutive games and was the NHL record for consecutive games by a defencemen until broken by Karlis Skrastins on February 8, 2007. On March 12, 1955, he had suffered a broken leg and jaw after being checked by Bill Gadsby of the New York Rangers. The injuries were so severe that he missed much of the following season, and there had been some doubt as to whether he would ever be able to return to the game.

Horton had a reputation for enveloping players who were fighting him in a crushing bear hug. Boston Bruins winger Derek Sanderson once bit Horton during a fight; years later, Horton's widow, Lori, still wondered why. "Well," Sanderson replied, "I felt one rib go, and I felt another rib go, so I just had—to, well, get out of there!"

Injuries and age were little more than minor inconveniences to Horton, who was generally acknowledged as the strongest man in the game while he was playing. Chicago Blackhawks winger Bobby Hull declared, "There were defensemen you had to fear because they were vicious and would slam you into the boards from behind, for one, Eddie Shore. But you respected Tim Horton because he didn't need that type of intimidation. He used his tremendous strength and talent to keep you in check."

In 1962, he scored three goals and 13 assists in 12 playoff games, setting a Leafs team record for playoff points by a defenceman that was tied in 1978 by Ian Turnbull and was not broken until 1994, when David Ellett registered 18 points.

Despite being 42 years old at the time, and suffering from considerable nearsightedness, former Leafs general manager Punch Imlach signed Horton to the Buffalo Sabres in 1972. His performance was more than adequate and aided the Sabres into their first playoff appearance in 1973. He subsequently signed a contract extension in the offseason.

Horton wore the number 7 while playing for the Leafs, the same number worn by King Clancy from 1931–32 to 1936–37. The team declared both Horton and Clancy honoured players at a ceremony on November 21, 1995, but did not retire the number 7 from team use; instead, it became an Honoured Jersey Number.[3] abiding by Leafs honours policy. Horton wore number 2 in Buffalo (as Rick Martin already had the number 7), which was retired.

Clancy once lamented, "If he'd only get angry, no one would top him in this league." But Horton believed that he had taken too many penalties early in his career because of his "hot temper".

Doughnut industry

In 1964, Horton opened his first Tim Horton Doughnut Shop in Hamilton, Ontario on Ottawa Street. He even added a few of his culinary creations to the initial menu. By 1967, Horton had become a multi-million dollar franchise system. Horton's previous business ventures included both a hamburger restaurant and Studebaker auto dealership in Toronto.

Upon Horton's death in 1974, his business partner, Ron Joyce, bought out the Horton family's shares for $1 million and took over as sole owner of the existing chain of 40 stores.

Today, in addition to over 2,700 locations in Canada, there are over 556 Tim Hortons Doughnut Shops in the United States, and they can be found in Michigan, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, Maine, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and other American states, mainly in the Northeast and the Great Lakes region. There is also a Tim Hortons on the Kandahar Canadian Military base in Afghanistan. There is also a number of Tim Hortons in the United Kingdom.

Ron Joyce's son married Horton's daughter, returning the Horton family to the company.

Early on the morning of February 21, 1974, Horton was driving on the Queen Elizabeth Way from Toronto to his home in Buffalo after the Sabres had played in Toronto the night before, in his De Tomaso Pantera sports car, a gift from Sabres' GM George "Punch" Imlach. He was navigating a curve on the QEW where it crosses over Twelve Mile Creek (Ontario) in St. Catharines when he lost control and hit a concrete culvert. The impact flipped the vehicle and Horton, who was not wearing a seat belt, was ejected from the vehicle. Horton was reported dead on arrival at the local hospital. A police officer pursuing Horton's vehicle said that he had been travelling at over 160 km/h (100 mph).

There were reports that Horton had consumed a considerable amount of vodka, and was rumoured to have been taking pain killers due to a jaw injury suffered in practice the day before. An autopsy report released in 2005 showed Horton had a blood alcohol level of twice the legal limit. The blood test also showed signs of amobarbital, which was possibly a residue from the Dexamyl pills that were found on Horton's body. The autopsy showed no indication Horton was taking painkillers as previously thought.

Not long after Horton's death, Ron Joyce offered Lori Horton (Tim's widow) $1 million for her shares in the chain, which included 40 stores by that time. Once she accepted his offer, Joyce became the sole owner. Years later, Mrs. Horton decided that the deal between her and Joyce had not been fair and took the matter to court. Mrs. Horton lost the lawsuit in 1993, and an appeal was declined in 1995. Lori died in 2000. Tim and Lori left four daughters, Jeri-Lyn (Horton-Joyce), Traci (Simone), Kim and Kelly. Jeri-Lyn married Ron Joyce's son Ron Joyce Jr. and owns a store in Cobourg, Ontario.

Tim Horton is buried in York Cemetery, Toronto.

Awards and achievements

Named to NHL First All-Star Team in 1964, 1968, and 1969
Named to NHL Second All-Star Team in 1954, 1963, and 1967
1961–62 – Stanley Cup champion
1962–63 – Stanley Cup champion
1963–64 – Stanley Cup champion
1966–67 – Stanley Cup champion
1977 – Inducted (posthumously) into the Hockey Hall of Fame
1982 – Inducted (posthumously) into the Buffalo Sabres Hall of Fame
1996 – Number 2 retired by the Buffalo Sabres
1998 – Ranked number 43 on The Hockey News' list of the 100 Greatest Hockey Players.
2004 – Ranked number 59 in The Greatest Canadian list by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Brian "Spinner" Spencer

Brian Roy "Spinner" Spencer (September 3, 1949 in Fort St. James, British Columbia – June 3, 1988 in Riviera Beach, Florida) was a Canadian Professional ice hockey player who played 10 seasons in the National Hockey League for the Buffalo Sabres, Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Islanders and the Pittsburgh Penguins.


Brian Spencer was drafted in the 5th Round, 55th overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1969 NHL Entry Draft. On December 12, 1970, when he was called up to play with the Leafs in what would be his first NHL game on television, he called his father Roy Spencer in British Columbia to tell him to watch the game that night on Hockey Night in Canada. Spencer was to be interviewed between periods of the game. However, a game featuring the Vancouver Canucks versus the California Golden Seals was aired instead of the Maple Leafs versus the Chicago Blackhawks. Infuriated, Roy Spencer drove 135 kilometres (84 mi) to Prince George, where the closest CBC Television station, CKPG-TV, is located. When he arrived he ordered them at gunpoint to broadcast the Maple Leafs game instead. The station complied but as Roy Spencer left the station he was confronted by the RCMP. After a brief stand-off Roy Spencer was shot and killed.

After a few seasons with Toronto and the New York Islanders, Spencer was acquired by the Buffalo Sabres. Spencer had his best offensive production in a Sabres uniform when he scored 41 points (12 goals, 29 assists) in 1974–75. Spencer played well in Buffalo and was extremely popular with the fans at Buffalo's Memorial Auditorium. His hustle, aggressive play, and hitting ability was something the fans admired. Spencer developed into a solid two-way player. He would however be dealt to the Pittsburgh Penguins in September 1977.

His offensive production fell as he took on the role of a checking forward with the Penguins. Spencer's last NHL season came in 1978–79 when he played 7 games for Pittsburgh. He then finished his playing career in the AHL (Binghamton, Springfield and Hershey) and retired after the 1979–80 season.

Off The Ice

While off the ice Spencer was often found working on his vehicle, dubbed "The Hulk". He began with a 2½ ton Army convoy truck and removed the body. Next, Spencer installed a 651 Cummins diesel engine and placed the shell of a 1972 Dodge van and hood of a Mack Truck atop. The dashboard was taken from a DC-3 cockpit, and all the gauges were functional. Brian also had a small black-and-white television monitor in the dashboard, which was connected to cameras in the back "sleeping" area of the Hulk. The hood ornament was a horse's jawbone.


After hockey, Spencer ran into some rough times. He submersed himself into a life of drugs and violence. In 1987 he was charged with kidnapping and murder and faced the death penalty. Family and friends, including ex-teammates gathered around him and tried to help him through those rough times. The lead attorney in the case was Barry A. Weinstein and the lead investigator was Leon Wright. Both men were members of the capital division of the Office of the Public Defender of Palm Beach County and in their years at the public defender's office, they had never lost a client to the death penalty. A former teammate from the Buffalo Sabres, Rick Martin, tried to help by testifying as a character witness at his trial. The jury deliberated and ruled with a not guilty verdict in March 1988 and Spencer vowed to change his life. However, despite the acquittal and a move to Florida, Spencer's life continued to spiral out of control. In almost a similar manner to how his father's life ended, Spencer's life would end the same way three months later: shot and killed at gunpoint, this time in a robbery following a crack cocaine purchase in Riviera Beach, Florida, with his friend Gregory Scott Cook at his side.

Spencer is survived by five children from two different marriages and his twin brother, Byron.

A book on Brian's life Gross Misconduct: The life of Spinner Spencer, written by Martin O'Malley, was adapted in 1993 by Atom Egoyan into a made-for-television film in Canada, Gross Misconduct.

John Kordic, NHL enforcer

John "Rambo" Kordic (March 22, 1965 — August 8, 1992) was a Canadian hockey player in the National Hockey League.

Kordic played for the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Washington Capitals, and Quebec Nordiques, for a total of seven seasons in the NHL. He won the Calder Cup with Sherbrooke Canadiens in 1985, and a Stanley Cup with Montreal Canadiens in 1986.

While playing for Toronto Maple Leafs, he wore #27, formerly worn by Leaf players Darryl Sittler and Frank Mahovlich. Kordic was known as an enforcer on the ice.

On August 8, 1992, after overdosing on drugs and being involved in a struggle with police at a Quebec City motel, Kordic died of lung failure due to heart malfunction. At his time of death, Kordic was 27 years old.

John's brother, Dan, played for the Philadelphia Flyers organization in the 1990s

Wade Belak, popular NHL hockey player

Wade Belak (July 3, 1976 – August 31, 2011) was a Canadian professional ice hockey forward and defenceman. He was drafted by the Quebec Nordiques in the 1994 NHL Entry Draft, 12th Overall. He played for the Colorado Avalanche, Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs, Florida Panthers and the Nashville Predators in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Playing career

In 2004–05 he played for Coventry Blaze in the British Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) during the NHL lockout. Belak won man of the match a number of times and was voted to the EIHL All-Star team at the end of the season.

Until December 4, 2007 Belak was on pace to set a Leafs record for most consecutive games without a goal. He went 143 games until he scored against the Nashville Predators.[1] Belak was previously featured in a Rogers Sportsnet interview where he jokingly admitted he was attempting the record intentionally. Despite his limited scoring in the NHL, Belak has scored on notable goalies such as Martin Brodeur, Roberto Luongo,[3] and Chris Mason.[1] Wade Belak was traded to the Florida Panthers on February 26, 2008 for a 5th round draft pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. Belak was traded to the Nashville Predators in exchange for Nick Tarnasky on November 27, 2008.

After playing in 15 games for the 2010–11 season, Belak was placed on waivers on February 25, 2011. Going unclaimed, Belak was assigned to the Predators AHL affiliate, the Milwaukee Admirals, but decided on March 8, 2011 to retire and remain with the Predators in an organizational role.

Personal life

Belak was born in St. Paul's Hospital in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Lorraine Belak and Lionel Aadland. At age six, his family moved to Battleford where he attended St. Vital Elementary School, Battleford Junior High, and North Battleford Comprehensive High School. He was described as a typical jock, and by 14, he was aiming to become a certified lifeguard.

On July 20, 2002, Wade married Jennifer Jordan Russell in Banff, Alberta. They have two daughters, Andie Marie (born July 23, 2004) and Alex Grace (born March 20, 2006), who were both born in Toronto. The family owns two Yorkshire dogs: Oscar and Macie.[6] In the summer, the family resides in Kelowna, British Columbia, where Wade enjoys golfing, bike-riding, softball, and water sports. Wade's younger brother Graham Belak played in several lower-tier leagues and was drafted by the Colorado Avalanche, 53rd overall, in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft, although he never played a game in the NHL.

Off the ice, the Toronto media portrayed Belak as a charismatic, easy-going person who loves to joke , contrary to his aggressive style of play. He has participated in spoof interviews with Greg Ross of Rogers Sportsnet; Ross characterizes him as an athlete who has a sense of humour about his career. He also had his own segment with Leafs TV called "Wade a Minute". In 2008, Belak also hosted his own short form series on BiteTV called The Wade Belak Show.


At approximately 1:33 p.m. on August 31, 2011, Belak was found dead in a condo at One King Street West hotel and residences in Toronto, Ontario. Belak had been preparing to take part in the upcoming season of Battle of the Blades.

It has been reported that Wade took his own life... very sad and perhaps forever unexplainable.

Former Toronto Maple Leaf Wade Belak, 3rd NHL enforcer to die in 2011

Sources: wikipedia.org, OJoeCollege.blogspot.com, harnesshorses.blogspot.com

Woodbine and Mohawk Pick 4 selections; 02SEP11

Here are some Outsiders System Pick 4 selections for this aft at Woodbine and this evening at Mohawk. The horses in brackets are replacements in case of early scratches.

Woodbine Race 4 - Pick 4

Race 4: 2, 1, 3, 4, 6 (8)

Race 5: 5, 8, 7 (2)

Race 6: 1, 2 (8)

Race 7: 2, 6 (5)

Mohawk Race 9 Pick 4

Race 9: 7, 3, 6, 5, 2 (4)

Race 10: 1, 2, 4 (5)

Race 11: 8, 5, 3, 2 (4)

Race 12: 6

Best of luck to all, and everyone have a relaxing, inspiring long weekend!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

FREE Pick 4 Selections for Mohawk Raceway, 01SEP11

As this blog is designed to focus on Outsiders (horses with Morning Line odds between 8-1 and 12-1), our Pick 4 selections will not always be the horses that we feel have the best chance to win the races, but rather the racehorses offering the greatest value at press time. Our goal is to help you cash large exotic wager payouts.

I was fortunate to hit that May 28th Pick 4 above, as my $24 ticket (120 bets x .20 per) paid a whopping $9,500 (20% of the 47k shown above)!!!

Here are our FREE PICKS for tonight (01SEP11) at Mohawk racetrack (bracketed horses are replacements to be used for early scratches; late scratches will get you the post time fave in that leg):

Race 8 Pick 4 Mohawk

Race 8: 6, 4, 7, 3, 10, 1 (2)
Race 9: 8
Race 10: 9, 6, 8, 3, 7, 4 (2)
race 11: 6, 10, 9, 3, 2, 5 (1)

216 bets (6 x 1 x 6 x 6) x .20 per = $43.20

Everybody have a great weekend and keep an eye out for LIVE Outsiders!!!


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