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CAUTION: Outsiders Picks System is for longer term horseplayers

CAUTION: Outsiders Picks System is for longer term horseplayers

As the goal of this blog is to help people learn to cash large exotic wagers at the racetrack, our methodologies require consistent swinging for the fence, which means our system is not suitable for short-term gambling money. Short-term players should continue with things like show bets and strong favourites, however for those that have a roll that can be spread over a minimum of fifteen to twenty days, utilizing some of our Outsiders Picks may be helpful to your returns.

Focusing on Outsiders means that most days our suggestions will not turn a profit, in fact most weeks will also show a negative return, it's just the nature of the beast when you're hunting big game in the world of ponies. Whether you are applying what you learn here and seeking M/L 7/1 to 12/1 opportunities at your local track, or playing along with us, the goal is to cash at least a couple of times per week, make a small profit (eg. $100+) once every week or two, hit a decent sized payout (eg $350++) every month or two, and about one to two times per year, hit a jackpot type (eg $3,000+) wager.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Outsider Picks for 04SEP; Woodbine and Saratoga

Outsiders are horses rated 8/1 to 12/1 in the Morning Line. Outsider Picks are horses rated in that range that we believe have a better than expected chance to win this race.


Race 3

6. Marianna

7. Rainbow Annie

Race 5

11. Little Red Chris

Race 7

5. Attitude Included

Race 8

5. Hippolytus

Woodbine Pick 3 suggestion:

Race 3: 3, 1, 6, 7 (5)*

Race 4: 4, 6 (3)

Race 5: 9 (13)

4 horses x 2 x 1 = $8


Race 5

6. Willy Pay

Race 7

3. Centrique

Race 9

9. Moonhanger

Saratoga suggested Pick 3:

Race 5: 6, 7, (2)

Race 6: 16, 6, 10, 4 (11)

Race 7: 3 (4)

2 horses x 4 x 1 = $8 ticket

* Bracketed horses are replacements for early scratches; late scratches get you the favorite in that leg.

Outsider Picks for September 4th, 2011: Two $8 Pick 3 tickets, as suggested above, total expenditure = $16.

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